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About The Game

This city isn’t safe anymore. Wake up and save it.

Skopje is a comic book styled First Person Shooter with roguelite elements and a strong brutalistic identity. You will roam the yugoslavian architecture of a city decimated by a mysterious event, scavenge materials that will help you upgrade your character and fight hordes of mutated abominations along the way. By your side is DOM - the jerry-rigged bus which will serve as your mobile base of operations. Drive it around town, use it as a shelter from enemies, and upgrade your character with the loot you find. However, the city streets of an alternate history capital hide more than just monsters to fight. Look around and you will find clues and information that you will have to piece together to uncover the truth behind what happened to your city, and how to save it. Your actions will not only determine your fate, but the fate of the city as well.

Good luck, Pioneer. Welcome to Skopje.


  • Kill, Shoot, Craft & Loot: Every obstacle you face makes you stronger, even if it kills you. Enhance yourself and your weaponry with blueprints that persist between runs.
  • Upgrade DOM: No matter how hostile the outside world is, you always have your mobile base in the form of a DOM the bus where you can not only upgrade yourself, but you can also drive it around the city. And when you die - you always respawn next to DOM. How that happens is a mystery.
  • Ever-changing world, ever-changing playthrough: Every time you die and come back, the city is changed. The enemies are in different locations, the loot is different, and you have to kill your way through the city again. And with the mobile base which you can drive around the city, you have a say in where you will restart your run after death.
  • Dive into an truly brutal rendition of Skopje: Explore a city full of brutalist architecture based on a real life capital that’s been twisted into a nightmarish hellscape
  • Uncover the mystery: Unlike most games that serve the story on a platter, Skopje has its own unique way of revealing its secrets, with engrossing environmental storytelling that pulls you into a world of alternate history Balkans, occult dealings, retro-futuristic science and more!


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Dark-1 is a team composed of friends who share a common passion for making games. What started as a game jam group has now evolved into a professional game development team.

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Skopje Credits

Kristijan Trajkovski
Simon Stojanovski
Marko Zarev
Level design
Ana Zdravkova
PR / Marketing
Andrej Cvetanovski
Mario Savovski
Krunislav Cvetkovski
Sound designer

Based on presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)