The sun is out, but the days are long, waaaay too long. Well, why not dive in through a musical monochromatic world where you play as a small virus-like fellow and try to get to reach the core. But are you really the baddie in this virus situation? Actually, you’re not! Reach the core and save the world! Keep the balance to avoid traps, enemies and move through narrow passages. Defeat challenging bosses and discover the story behind the corruption of Odium’s world.

For a limited time period we’re giving away Odium To The Core for free! Not demo, not the first level, but the entirety of the game! Be a hero and help save the world! You can read some more information about the gameplay and the game modes on the game’s website.

As for the game, you can download it from the links below from now through 17 April 2020. Stay at home, watch some missed out shows, play some unfinished or new games and relax.

Edit: Updated Windows build, Added Linux and OSX

Windows Linux Mac

Brace yourselves and enjoy the journey!

Dark-1 Team