Who we are

Dark-1 is a team of friends sharing a common passion for making games.
What started as a game jam group has now evolved into a professional game development company.


Skopje is a comic book styled First Person Shooter with roguelite elements and an open-ended world gameplay. Explore a city thrust into disarray by an unknown event and survive the hordes of mutated abominations that lurk at every corner.

Odium To the core

Guide Odium through action-packed music-fuelled levels designed to play together original soundtrack.


This game was developed for the GGJ 2017. It's a three player asymmetrical co-op game where two players are trying to survive the attacks of the third player, who has the power to wave and distort the playfield.


  • Kristijan Trajkovski

    Experienced web and game developer.
    Besides Dark-1, he has worked on game projects for Tesseract Interactive, Knapnok Games and PortaPlay.
    Has worked on frontend and backend web development in the past.

  • Simon Stojanovski

    Experienced 2d and 3d artist.
    Besides Dark-1, he has worked on game projects for Tesseract Interactive and Knapnok Games.
    He's also experienced with cartoon and 2d animations.

  • Marko Zarev

    One man team. Game Designer.
    Besides Dark-1, has been working solo on developing his game jam games further.