Who we are

Dark-1 is a team composed of friends who share a common passion for making games.
What started as a game jam group has now evolved into a professional game development company.

Odium To the core

Guide Odium through action-packed music-fuelled levels designed to play together original soundtrack.


This game was developed for the GGJ 2017. It's a three player asymmetrical co-op game where two players are trying to survive the attacks of the third player, who has the power to wave and distort the playfield.

Dream Island

This game we created during the 26th ludum dare game making jam and it got a lot of attention for a small game made in three days.

Copper Crown

The king of all copper decides he needs to gather all his minions and spread his kingdom to new planets. Using his powers he controls all that is cold and copper machinery. Plan your resources, destroy all enemies, build and grow your copper town so you can take off to new planets in space.


  • Kristijan Trajkovski

    Experienced web and game developer.
    Besides Dark-1, he has worked on game projects for Tesseract Interactive, Knapnok Games and PortaPlay.
    Has worked on frontend and backend web development in the past.

  • Simon Stojanovski

    Experienced 2d and 3d artist.
    Besides Dark-1, he has worked on game projects for Tesseract Interactive and Knapnok Games.
    He's also experienced with cartoon and 2d animations.

  • Marko Zarev

    One man team. Game Designer.
    Besides Dark-1, has been working solo on developing his game jam games further.

  • Jon Martinez

    Junior PR and Marketing.
    Before joining Dark-1, he worked in a local newspaper based in Spain. He likes story-driven and card games. His favourite game is Zelda: Majora’s Mask. He likes to communicate ideas.